Thursday, March 22, 2012

FACT: Chocolate As Healthy As Fruits

All CHOCOHOLICS (like me) time to hOOray!

Research and study show cacao seed is considered "superfruit" and products derived from it such as cocoa powder and CHOCOLATE (yes, you've read it right!) has been scientifically classed as "superfoods".

Chocolates, specifically DARK is richer in health-boosting antioxidants than juices of "superfruits" blueberries and cranberries. It is said that a chunk of dark chocolate a day is a great treat for preventing wrinkles, risk of heart diseases and cancer.

However,  good news doesn't apply to hot chocolate mixes or beverages which are processed that stripped out the antioxidants. Also, MILK chocolate lovers might feel sad  as adding sugar and milk to a bar will dilute the benefits.

More? Researchers as well claimed that the smell of chocolate alone can prevent colds!

Now, a bar of chocolate is a better choice for dessert (fact: fruits are not good to eat after meal) and snack. It won't be a guilty pleasure anymore. Stay young, be beautiful, be fit, eat dark chocolates!

Dark chocolates are healthy... yes... it contains more antioxidant than any other fruits and other nutritious components but keep in mind that it doesn't change the fact that it has high calorie and fat content plus the added chemicals during processing. Eating dark chocolates as much as the body needed will make you FAT, and can still cause harm.

While eating fruits is healthy. Anyone can eat as much as s/he wants without the guilt 101%.


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