About Me

I love Chocolates, LOTS of IT.

I am sleepyhead. Cute. Tactless (love it or hate it). Clumsy. Crazy. Stupid (when situation calls for it). Smart(?). Fun. Lazy (a Princess).

I like Shoes. Clothes. Mangoes. Nutella. Spicy food. Gwapo. Internet. Dogs. Elephant.

I love the Stars. Raindrops. Lightnings. Sunset. Moon. Beach. Butterflies. French.

I want Happiness. Serenity. Love. Family. Babies (someday). Trust. Honesty. Good Laughs.

I dream to Fly. Go to Outer Space. Explore France. Europe. South America.

I am learning the French language.
I am a film critic, a BIG movie enthusiast.
I am a backpacker, pursuing happiness through travelling.

AND I am a wanna-be-blogger.

"Nothing Is Better Than a Chocolate Melting in the Mouth."

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