Sunday, April 3, 2011

Français Les Nombres: Brain Hemorrhage!

I was overwhelmed with pure French, no translation, class. My tongue twisted with pronunciation. I had nose-bleed with the French alphabet. This time I learned French numbers zero (0) to sixty-nine (69) and no one noticed the brain inside my skull bleeding in misery. Yes nobody cared because I knew, the moment I looked into their eyes, all I saw was suffering and the struggling to cope up. We were all stunned. We suffered with the complication of Français Les Nombres. Hahahaha!

A day before the second class, I copied the lessons from audio CD to my phone so I'll be able to listen anywhere. I already listened some parts of the numbers lesson which is just from 0 to 16. It is really pretty hard to learn with just listening to audio. Way back to the first day of class, we talked about covering the numbers only 0 to 69, the rest will be discussed separately. Most probably, numbers 70 and up are too complicated. I bet that 0-69 is no match with it.

Here is the list of French numbers 0 to 16:

0   zéro                     9  neuf
1   un                      10  dix
2   deux                  11  onze
3   trois                   12  douze
4  quatre                 13  treize
5  cinq                    14  quatorze
6  six                      15  quinze
7  sept                    16  seize
8  huit

(FYI, I typed the numbers without peeking on my book :P ) Okay, looks so easy. And you maybe trying to read it. Trust me, it isn't what you think it is read. For example, six (6) is read as "sis," quatre (4) is "kat," etc.

This is exactly why I'm having fun with French, the mystery of the written French word, with combination of letters, will always make you think how it is pronounced.

Well, enough, I shall move on, the road is still long and far, I shall win and conquer the French language.


I want to be honest with this.. but ever since I had this very irritating French client, I started hating the language (and probably the people also) of the said coutnry... Imagine translating an ethnic language to English to French.. tignan natin kung alin ang mas nose-bleeding dun... heheh

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