Monday, March 7, 2011

AFM,The First Impression

Today I went to Alliance Française de Manille to enroll for French Level 1 course. Upon enrolling, I felt a bit uncomfortable and even intimidated with the environment. It is a classy place, everything is in French, the TV is tuned in TV5Monde, the newspapers, magazines and signs all around are in French. And of course, there were french people as well (unfortunately most are old balding french, hehehe! But still the french charm is there ;P ).

The receptionists are good in speaking the language a
s french guys talked to them in their own language. Also, I find the receptionist that accommodated me not too friendly, I felt that she looked at me with full judgment, or maybe it's just me being intimidated of them, of the place.

Now I am just hoping that everything goes well at start of the class. I hope that I will have an excellent and nice instructor, and I really really wish that it's Filipino rather than French. Why? Because I've read a lot of comparisons between foreign and local teaching ways and techniques. For me, Filipino always wins with the amount of patience and dedication. And with this kind of studies, I badly need a very patient teacher. Fingercross!

Also, I wish for nice classmates. I could imagine that most of them would be high class people, way upper than me, and I might feel more intimidated or even insecure. Naaaaaah! I should think positive, anyway I'll be there to study and learn not to run for presidency to please them and gain their approval of me.

This is supposed to be a surprise gift for Geek, but I guess it would help me if I say it to him now so at least I could ask things :) Waaaaaaah! I just also hope that there will be no homework because I so hate it! Hahaha!

Well, deep inside I still feel the excitement of as if going back to school again.

Let's see what will happen to me, start betting if I'll be able to push through until the end, or get lazy and lose interest -- unless my prof is burning hot (*wink). Anyway, according to what I read teachers here are well trained especially on getting your attention and interest (I really hope so).

Aja Marse!


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