Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alliance Française: DAY 1

First day of class at Alliance, I was excited and at the same nervous. Though my first impression from my first step in Alliance the day I enrolled was quite intimidating, and already assumed that my classmates would probably be some upper class people and maybe "maarte," I was fairly right but somehow wrong with the latter part. Yes, most of my classmates are sure higher status than me, there are students from most expensive schools like La Salle and Pobeda and most are already working with high position in eminent companies. I seated next to a 16-year old girl, Carmina, she is student, friendly, nice, beautiful and upper class.

At the start of the  class, we introduced ourselves and told why we enrolled on the course. I was amazed rather than being surprised with most of the reasons I heard from them which include plan to study or take master's degree in France, family migrating in Quebec, Canada (which primary language is French), self improvement (for those who already know other languages like Mandarin and Spanish), and just for fun and interest (where my reason fell at).

I am glad that our instructor is Filipino, sir Butch. Sometimes his english has little accent of french, well, he talked in english for few minutes when we were asked to introduce ourselves but started teaching fluently in French without translation, he said that learning a language is us adapting not the instructor adjusting. At first, it was really hard to cope and understand a thing, felt like I was in culture shock but then it got easier and fun. Sir Butch is a good instructor.

We've learned the French alphabet's pronunciation and accents, introducing yourself and asking back and French translation of  some countries. Also, we learned some words Sir Butch normally used when teaching.

Alliance method of teaching is impressive and effective. It doesn't focus on grammar and technicality, nor will emphasize pronunciation, but just pure French class of normal conversation. I think it is effective as I learned -- so far (hehehe!).  The book is quite expensive, written in French, while the workbook is also in French but with English directions. 

I am used to be always inside the "cream of the crop," but now I admit that I won't make it as I really have problem with pronunciation, French language in phonetic.

SO FAR, SO GOOD and FUN! Au revoir!


Damnit Marse! Take that evil drawing off! i hate you!

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