Saturday, April 23, 2011

And the Award Goes to...

I was staring at the empty text box of my blog, thinking what I could possibly write when suddenly the framed ribbons and medals from my school years on my bedroom wall got my attention.

Here are some:

- Most Obedient (hmmm...)
- Most Punctual (I think so)
- Most Helpful (Of course)
- Best in Filipino (Is this even special award?)
- Pinakamahusay sa Pagguhit (Best in Drawing) (WOW)
- Script Writer of the Year (WOW 2x)

Quite interesting, funny and a bit sarcastic. I'm proud knowing I've been a good good kid... gone bad bad girl.

How about you? Any interesting special awards you got? Were you as good kid as I was?


bakit ganun ako walang natanggap na award nung bata ako.. most helpful lang ata :p

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